I would like to join Thornberry. What’s next?

Congratulations on making your choice to join the best service in the market.  Sign up here.

Do you charge me for setting up?

We won’t make any charges that you’re not aware of, and everything that you’ll have to pay for is listed upfront for you.  We won’t charge you simply for signing up, you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Can I move from another provider?

Yes, absolutely.  All you’ll need to do is let them know.  They might have you tied into a notice period, which unless they agree otherwise, you’ll have to serve.  But it’s completely your right to choose the provider of your choice.

Are all payroll companies the same?

No.  There are plenty of cowboys out there, so make sure you do your homework.   Offshore?  Loans?  No comprehensive insurances?  Not us!

What is an umbrella company?

There are various reasons why a client would wish to use the services of a temporary contractor rather than a permanent employee, and usually, a temporary contractor will be employed by an umbrella company for the duration of their contracts.  An umbrella company employs the temporary contractor, meaning that there is no risk to the client that he or she may be considered to be their employee, which gives the client the assurance that they will not be faced with any unexpected employment related costs.

An umbrella company employs the temporary contractor who benefits from full employment rights, including holiday pay, statutory sick pay and maternity or paternity pay.  The temporary contractor then has the added comfort of being fully supported by their umbrella company employer, knowing that it will take care of all invoicing and HR support will be fully provided.

Being an employee of an umbrella company means that all payments of tax and other deductions will be made by the Umbrella Company before you receive your pay, giving you the comfort of knowing that you will not receive any unexpected bills at the end of the tax year, and that you are still fully paying all PAYE and National Insurance Contributions required against your salary.

What is a personal service company?

Thornberry offers a full limited company accounting service designed for independent freelance contractors who want to work through their own contractor limited company.

This limited company service will give you access to a fully qualified accountant who will help you work out the best way to structure your pay and completing both yours and your contractor company’s tax returns.

Depending on your own situation, you could also have the option of further increasing the money in your pocket by registering under the Flat Rate VAT scheme, but don’t worry too much, we’ll make sure your accountant helps you out with that.

What is a sole trader?

Working as a sole trader has a number of benefits and is ideal for international workers want the flexibility of accounting for tax in a jurisdiction of your choice.

Working as a self-employed sole trader is similar to the IR35 rules that apply to working through your own limited company. Whether you are able to adopt a self employment model will depend on the terms of the contract you are working under and the level of control your client has over the way you provide you services.

What is CIS?

The Construction Industry Scheme is set out by HMRC and is the scheme that governs how contractors working in the construction industry

Do I become your employee?

If you select Thorberry’s umbrella company, you are a employed under a contract of employment, and your permanent place of work is our offices.

Do I become a director?

If you select to set up your own limited company, you become a director and shareholder of your own limited company, registered in the UK.

Is Thornberry and all of its products based in the UK?

Yes.  Unlike many providers out there, we only have UK based products.  Our companies are in the UK, our bank accounts are in the UK, our directors are all resident in the UK.

Do you have the right insurances?

Contractors who our Umbrella Company, Sole Trader and CIS are all covered by our comprehensive business insurances.  This includes Employer’s Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Contractors who choose to have their own limited company will be able to select an option where we can assist you with business insurances too.

Am I a shareholder?

If you select to set up your own limited company as your service of choice, then you are the sole shareholder of your own limited company, and you have control to run and manage that company, and benefit from its profits.

Is Thornberry compliant?

Yes, we work with qualified accountants and advisors, and are always working with HMRC to ensure that all of our services are up to date and fully compliant.

Do I need to worry about IR35?

That all depends on which of our products you’re using.  If you select Thornberry’s Umbrella Company,  then you are a full member of staff and don’t need to worry about IR35. Our other services do need consideration to IR35, and so you’ll need to talk to us about this when you sign up.

Am I inside or outside of IR35?

That will all depend on your particular circumstances.  To provide you with some help, we’ve created a guide to IR35 which should give you some indicators, but we’re happy to talk you through the key points at any time.

Does Thornberry work with my agency?

Thornberry is a UK registered company with full business insurances can work with any recruitment company.  If you use your own limited company, its your own limited company that will contract with your agency.

Can I change contract with Thornberry?

Yes, just let us know the new details, either by phone, email or via your secure login area.

Does Thornberry review the contract with my agency?

If you’re using your own limited company, then you will be offered contract reviews as part of the service, although ultimately the contracts are down to you as its your business.  If you’re using Thornberry’s other services, then we’ll review each contract as part of the service.

Do you make any loan payments?

No.  Unlike some payment schemes, no loan payments are made to contractors using our services.  If you’d like to talk to us about this in more detail, please give us a call.

Do you administer my holiday pay?

This will depend on which service you select.  If you are using Thornberry’s Umbrella Company, we will administer your holiday pay, and any other employment related payments.

Can I claim back my business related expenses?

Yes.  There are different ways of doing this, depending on which of our services you select.  Please see our expenses guides for more information.  You should always keep your receipts for business expenses.

Can you help me with my end of year tax return?

Yes.  Thornberry will be able to help you with any of your tax documentation, including your tax return.  Just give us a call if you need any help.

If I want to leave Thornberry, will you charge me?

No.  There are no exit penalties with our services, you only pay us for what you use, when you use it.