Payroll with perfection

Is our core payroll product ‘umbrella’ maximise your take home pay as a contractor by using genuine onsite or business expenses.

Our ethos and robust focus on customer service – making life easier for contractors and agencies.

We operate a fully compliant PAYE umbrella model, that is onshore and complies with the new April 2014 legislations. We do not have off shore payments or intermediates. This then results in no financial risk to the contractor or agency in terms of underpayment of income tax or National Insurance Contributions (NIC). We are a fully compliant for all UK contractors.

Using Thornberry concept will be a better option financially than being paid simply through an agency’s payroll for most people, and this is because as a contractor working at many temporary placements, you can claim back your expenses through an umbrella company (don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on all of this and help you as much as possible). Expense payments made to you in this way are not subject to PAYE and NI, and so the portion of your income paid to you in this way is tax free. As a temporary employee of a recruitment company, the same rules don’t apply and so you will be better off.

  • • Suitable for contractors, freelancers and temporary we offer flexible rates which is worked on sliding scale depending on the days you work.
  • • Excellent margin rates competitively priced with sliding scale rates, meaning you are not charged a full margin if you do not work a full week
  • • Fully compliant umbrella service audited and accredited by professional passport
  • • Great for contractors who do not want the responsibility of running their own limited company, allowing you more time to source contract work (don’t forget you can use us with any other agency you go to)
  • • You will be an employed individual thus have full employment rights
  • • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs dispensation allowing the ability to reclaim legitimate business expenses for your temporary assignment.
  • • Law speed Contracts
  • • Contractors are entitled to all UK work and Pensions provision, holiday pay, statutory sick pay.