Why Choose Us

As a payroll intermediary, we employ the contractor. That means we are responsible for all aspects of employment, including Contracts of Employment, Statutory Payments, Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR) and Terminating Contracts.

We handle all payroll, tax and national insurance for your contractors, reducing your costs and preventing any payroll queries coming direct to your agency. Instead, almost all queries are dealt with at first point of contact in our office.

As standard, we provide all contractors with Public and Employers Liability Insurance, and Professional Indemnity Insurance, mitigating your risks and managing all claims direct with the contractor.

There are numerous agencies benefits to be gained from working alongside Thornberry. If you’d like more details about how Thornberry could work with you, then contact our agency support team now on 0845 689 9760 or email us at info@thornberryuk.com

Commercial Rebate

Thornberry Group operates a fully compliant and VAT-approved incentive scheme for agencies which can be customized to suit your commercial preferences.


We offer a fully compliant service and have a dedicated compliance team who ensure we stay up to date with the latest HMRC regulations and updates, giving both you and contractors peace of mind. We are accredited with “Professional Passport” (insert link here) highlighting our commitment and passion to being 100% compliant with all legislation.

Expenses Dispensation

We offer/have/provide an HMRC approved expenses dispensations which allows the contractor to receive maximum benefit from using our services, whilst at the same time be safe in the knowledge that our services are compliant and HMRC approved.